Boarding / Day Care

Check in / Check out If your pet is picked up after closing time the day will be charge

  • Monday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM or 9:00 PM
  • Tuesday – Friday from 7:00 AM to 5:30 PM or 9:00 PM
  • Saturday from 7:30 AM to 1:30 PM, 6:00 PM or 9:00 PM
  • Sunday from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, 6:00 PM or 9:00 PM
  • After hours available, a $ 30.00 fee will be charged

Fees subject to change

  • $ 25.00 dollars per day per pet, Holidays $30.00
  • If your pet is picked up after closing or 12:00 PM the day will be charged.


This is an Agreement between “Hot Paws”, Professional Grooming, Boarding & Daycare and the pet(s) owner whose signature appears below (hereinafter referred to as “Owner”).

All Hot Paws staff will use all possible care and caution in the care of my pet(s) while under their care, however, in the event of an escape, injury or illness. I agree not to hold Hot Paws or any staff member responsible. I release any staff member to take my pet to the vet if deemed necessary, and I agree to pay all incurred charges that result from any injury or illness. I understand that if my dog is left 5 days after the pick up date without payment, the pet will be deemed as abandoned and will be eligible for adoption or disposed of, at Hot Paws discretion, any extra day without letting Hot Paws know in advance (24 hrs) will be charged a double fee.

I also understand that I may bring any belongings for my pet that I wish, BUT THAT IT IS AT MY OWN RISK. I understand items may get chewed on or lost, and that blankets are washed every few days for sanitary purposes. I agree not to hold Hot Paws responsible for any of my pet’s belongings while in their care. We do however, do our best to keep each dog’s belongings with them at all times, but as stated, things do tend to get lost as toys are played with and blankets are washed, etc. Therefore, please do not leave any item that you deem valuable to you or your pet. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE YOUR VALUABLES ARE SAFE, KEEP THEM AT HOME. We do not replace any lost or damaged items that are brought with your pet. Thank you.

I understand and agree with the above policies.

  • I do allow and give my permission for my dog to be walked. To the best of my knowledge, my dog(s) does not in any way try to escape. I understand that this is AT MY OWN RISK and I will not hold Hot Paws liable or responsible if my dog(s) runs away.
  • I also understand that my dog(s) is not out in the yard with any other dogs unless specified by me (yes) (NO).
  • I do want my dog to play with other dogs while here, and I agree to any liability that may come from such play. I understand that my dog(s) will not be allowed to play with any other dogs that appear aggressive in any way, and to the best of my knowledge, my dog is not aggressive in any way.
  • I am responsible for any damage or injuries, that my Pet may cause to the facilities, Staff or other Pets at Hot Paws, (Cages, Toys, Equipment, other Pets, or Staff), Any expenses resulting from the above mentioned damage, will be paid for by me, at Hot Paws discretion.
  • My Pet(s) have all the vaccines required by the animal control, State and County.
  • Yangas, Inc. (“Hot Paws”) agrees to provide day care and/or boarding for the pet(s) set forth in the Yangas, Inc. registration form, and to provide other services as agreed to by and between the Dog owner and Hot Paws at the rates agreed upon.
  • Owner may drop off his or her dog for daycare or boarding anytime during our business day. In the event Owner drops off dog for daycare and cannot or does not pick up dog before closing time, Owner will pay for overnight boarding care and fees, and may pick up dog the following business day. If Owner picks up dog after check-out time, daycare fees apply for that day and will be charged accordingly.
  • Hot Paws accepts dogs 6 months or younger that have not yet been neutered or spayed. Hot Paws shall not be responsible in the event a female dog becomes pregnant during her stay at Hot Paws. Owner represents either that Dog has been neutered or spayed or Dog is 6 months old or younger.
  • Owner understands and acknowledges that Hot Paws has agreed to render services as described herein based upon Owner’s representations that:
    • (A) Dog is in all respects healthy and is current on all required and customary vaccinations, including, but not limited to, D.H.L.P.P. (Distemper, Hepatitis, Leprotosis and Parvo, Parainfluenza) Bordatella and Rabies;
    • (B) Dog has not at anytime in the past harmed or shown aggressive or threatening behavior towards any other person or any other animal;
    • (C) There is no history of behavioral issues of any kind as a result of being confined in a small area;
    • (D) Dog does not suffer from any disability, illness, or other condition which could have an adverse effect on the health of, or could jeopardize the safety of, another dog.
  • Dog may be isolated and kept apart from other dogs should Hot Paws determine that the Dog may be in danger or may endanger other dogs by virtue of its conduct or behavior. Owner understands that Hot Paws desires to maintain the health, reasonable care and comfort of all dogs within its care facility, and to adequately provide for the safe keeping of such dogs in which it has custody.
  • Prior to Hot Paws providing any daycare or boarding services, all dogs must pass an initial personality evaluation administered by Hot Paws or a Hot Paws appointed representative.
  • Owner understands that Owner may bring any belongings for the pet that Owner wishes, BUT THAT IT IS AT OWNER’S OWN RISK. Owners understand items may get chewed or lost; blankets are washed every day for sanitary purposes. Owners agree not to hold Hot Paws responsible for any of pet’s belongings while in their care. We however do our best to keep each dog’s belongings with them at all times, but as stated, things do tend to get lost as toys are played with and blankets are washed, etc. Therefore, please do not leave any item that you deem valuable to you or your pet. IF YOU WANT TO MAKE SURE TO KEEP IT, PLEASE LEAVE IT AT HOME. We do not replace or pay for any lost or damaged items that are brought with your pet.
  • All dogs attending Hot Paws are required to wear a flat nylon quick snap collar for their safety; and a name tag.
  • Unless agreed to in writing, Owner entrusts Hot Paws to use its reasonable judgment in caring for his or her Dog. Should any decision affecting the handling of the Dog become necessary as the result of inclement weather or other natural causes relating to such decision, Hot Paws shall use reasonable judgment given the circumstances.
  • Owner understands that reservations are required for all boarding stays and a deposit during holiday seasons is required to hold a booking. No reservations are required for day care. Holiday reservation cancellations must be received by Hot Paws at least 48 hours prior to the intended arrival date or Owner will forfeit the deposit.
  • It is Owner’s responsibility to keep Dog updated on all vaccinations and flea and tick treatments.
  • Owner represents that Dog is currently protected by a flea and tick care preventive and that Dog will be protected by this preventive throughout each and every day Dog attends Hot Paws. If Dog is found to be infested by fleas and/or ticks, Hot Paws will administer flea and/or ticks treatment services and Owner will be charged for such services.
  • Owner understands that if a dog remains at Hot Paws’ facilities for a period of 5 days or more beyond the period of time for which an Owner and Hot Paws have agreed that Hot Paws would provide services for such dog and Hot Paws cannot contact Owner, Hot Paws will consider the Dog abandoned and Hot Paws or Yangas, Inc. may place Dog in an appropriate home or in adoption or disposed of at Hot Paws discretion. Any extra day without letting Hot Paws know in advance (24 Hrs), will be charged double.
  • Owner agrees to pay Hot Paws for all services rendered. All boarding stays require payment upon pick up. Upon receipt of an invoice, Owner agrees to take full responsibility for prompt payment. A handling fee of $25 dollars will be charged on all returned checks. In the event that it is necessary to initiate collection proceedings on the account, Owner will be responsible for all attorneys’ fees and costs of collection and these fees will be added to the outstanding balance.
  • This agreement shall be valid for all future use by Dog of Hot Paws’ services and Owner agrees that all such reservations and future use of Hot Paws’ services by Dog will be provided by Hot Paws pursuant to the terms of this agreement. This agreement may be terminated by either party providing a written notice of termination to the other party.
  • Hot Paws will not release Dog to anyone but Owner without prior written notification.
  • Owner consents to the use of all photographs, videos and photographic images of Dog taken while on Hot Paws premises in any promotional materials of Hot Paws, including, but not limited to, publications, advertisements and Hot Paws’ web-site.
  • Owner acknowledges Hot Paws is not an animal hospital and does not have a doctor of veterinary medicine or other veterinary professionals on staff.
  • Owner recognizes that there is a risk of injury or illness in any environment associated with live animals. Owner recognizes and assumes the risks and danger inherent in doggie day care, dog boarding and dog walking, including, but not limited to, escape, injuries or illnesses resulting from dog fights, rough play, dog contracting fleas and/or ticks, kennel cough or some other contagious disease, unwanted pregnancies and natural disasters.
  • Owner voluntarily accepts these risks and Owner agrees that the Owner shall remain liable and bear all expenses for any damages that the Dog may cause to any dogs, people or property, including bites, aggressive behavior, or conduct of the Dog and assumes full responsibility for Dog’s actions at all times. Owner hereby waives any claim against Hot Paws, its owners, agents, employees, directors, and representatives, and to hold the Hot Paws Parties and each of them, harmless from any liability of any kind whatsoever arising from the attendance and participation of Dog at Hot Paws, including, without limitation, any and all illness, bodily injury, unwanted pregnancy, death or other damage to Dog or Owner. I understand and agree that this release applies to future unknown or unsuspected claims.
  • Owner agrees to indemnify the Hot Paws Parties against all defense costs, including attorneys’ fees, resulting from any claim made against the Hot Paws Parties, either by Owner or by another party as part of an action against Owner resulting from an action taken by Dog or Owner.
  • In the event Dog becomes ill or injured, Hot Paws shall notify Owner, and if Owner cannot be contacted or reached, the emergency contract provided in the Hot Paws Registration Form will be contacted. If the emergency contact cannot be reached, Owner has failed to instruct Hot Paws regarding measures to be taken, or if an emergency situation exists which requires immediate action, Hot Paws is authorized to engage the services of a veterinarian of Hot Paws’ choice and to approve medical and/or emergency treatment (excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian. Owner therefore hereby allows Hot Paws to attain medical attention for Dog from any qualified veterinarian and to transport Dog to and from that veterinarian when Hot Paws deems such medical care important for Dog’s health. Owner grants Hot Paws full power of decision involving the medical treatment of Dog, and authorizes the use of Owner’s Card to pay for any such veterinary costs.
  • Owner agrees that if Dog damages property belonging to Hot Paws, Hot Paws may use Owner’s Card to pay for that damage and Owner authorizes the use of the Card.

Customer releases Hot Paws, its agents, officers, sub-contractors, and employees from any and all liabilities, financial, and otherwise, for injuries to Customer, Customer’s pet(s), or any other property of Customer, which arise in any way from services and/or products provided by or as a consequence of Customer’s association with Hot Paws including, but not limited to, veterinarian bills. I, the undersigned, have read and understand and agree to the above terms and my rights and obligations for the grooming and maintenance of my pet(s) and in consideration of the grooming/Boarding services of Hot Paws.

Boarding Contract

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