Dear Santa… I want a puppy!

Dear Santa… I want a puppy!

Dear Santa,

I’ve been such a really good boy/girl this year and this is what I would like for Christmas!

I would like a pony or a puppy!  Thank You!

Pony?… Not!

Puppy… hmmm, how cute would that be on Christmas morning all cuddly and happy coming out of a box under the tree???  The child giggles and smiles… is this really a good idea?

A good adoption agency/SPCA should want to know the ages of the children, family’s social and sports agenda and who will be the primary caretaker.  Can the family afford the health care that is a necessity? Are there any other pets in the home?  They need sitters, they need day care and a routine.  A puppy is like a child in all it’s stages.

However, this baby cannot talk to make it’s needs known and must have family to really know and love them via behavior and activity. They must be able to realize that the puppy may not be feeling well.

Surprising the family with a puppy or kitten on Christmas morning is nothing short of a living Hallmark card!  In real life…it can be tricky and sometimes heartbreaking for the pet and the family when it doesn’t work out.  Christmas can be chaotic and confusing for little ones-the two legged and the four legged ones and the settling in process can be difficult at best.  More pets are returned to shelters after the holiday season than any other time of the year.

Give this gift all the attention it needs, talk with your shelter, a vet or a caring pet facility like Hot Paws Pet Resort and be a well informed and loved gift giver!

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