Hot Paws Day Care Services

The importance of a well-balanced life is important to our clients. It’s one of the reasons they live in a beach community with plenty of exercise options as well as entertainment and restaurants. Our four legged friend need stimulation and exercise to be happy and well-rounded pets. Our program for day visitors is filled with interactive and age appropriate activities overseen by our day care coordinator. She assesses each dog and places them with a group of playmates of like size and temperament. Our large backyard meets the activity needs of even the largest breeds. There is always a staff member to oversee play and keep the games going. Frisbee is popular at the moment. Rest breaks are important for rehydration and short naps in the heat of the day. Your companion returns home stimulated from a day of exercise and camaraderie. By allowing your dog to play and have social activities you are meeting his basic needs. He is a pack animal and therefore feels comfortable with other dogs. Without this natural stimulation an artificial environment is created. Dogs need to be dogs. We encourage that behavior in a protected environment overseen by trained staff.

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