Today, January 15, 2015 Hot Paws unites with Boogies’ family in Mourning his passing from this side of the rainbow to the other side. Let us all take solace in realizing Boogie will be restored to health and happiness. He will be content, playful, making new friends, but, they all have something in common:.. each one misses the special humans who had to be left behind….this is temporary and one day you will be together again and most importantly-never to be parted again.

A noun-euthanasia-easy to say and easy to read the definition:  It is to humanely end a life filled with suffering and pain. Hot Paws and the staff  know the definition all too well and know the  ramifications of making the humane choice to  put the pet to sleep.

Yes, the black and white scenario is clear and obvious: your vet works with you, explains the procedure to you and assures you it is painless…this writer can assure you it was a serene procedure for the pets. It is then the ‘gray’ area that takes over with its profound sadness, it’s questioning of the choice made and the pain in your heart.

Hot Paws wants you to realize they are there for you and understand the stages of grief that must now be experienced…The anger-why Boogie-he was wonderful, I can’t believe he’s gone—he’ll be there when I get home and it’s all a bad dream. I’m numb- I cannot deal with this.. I don’t understand why this happened-I would have given up anything to have Boogie here and I tried to bargain that every night on my knees. We are all sad– Boogie’s family and Hot Paws and we are all depressed with the loss. Don’t and can’t talk about it now-going home… hate it and it hurts to not have Boogie there. We will always have this hole in our hearts for Boogie and his specialness-it will be accepted when we think about the illness and the  what a good parent we really were to end the pain and send him to a happy place- sent him to angel school for furry friends!

Hot Paws will also feel the loss on the days when Boogie came to play and for a while-keep looking out into the play yard and then the acceptance will come. It was the best thing to do and the pain is gone and we will always have a special memory of Boogie and his family.


Hot Paws recommends doing something special to preserve the memory of Boogie—a collage, a poem written from your heart, save a special toy, if choosing to cremate-a place of honor for the receptacle, talking about the fun days and knowing the door is always open for you at Hot Paws to be nourished with love and respect: most importantly-providing a place to talk, cry and to heal.

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