The Importance of Doggie Day Care

The Importance of Doggie Day Care

‘All alone am I, since you said goodbye’…that’s my song-day after day. 🙁  I look out the window and listen for the car and hours go by. Then I try to be a good boy/girl and play with my stuff, but, the laundry basket is fun and the couch is a challenge to chew and fun too !!!  Finally, I hear your car and my tail is wagging so fast I think it’s going to fall off and I am there, at the door and so happy you ‘re home!  I don’t think you’re happy to see me, the couch…the laundry…today I am a bad boy/girl and my tail is not wagging any more.  I hear you talking on the phone and my name keeps getting mentioned and I wonder why-what’s going on????

The next morning, I get ready for another long day and then you tell me to get my leash as I am going for a ride. I think I’m excited…

We drive a bit and mommy keeps telling me I am going to love today and if I am good, I can go back in a few days…good?? Where am  I going????

Here we are ! mom says, let’s go inside and she is all happy and perky!

She says we are at Hot Paws-a wonderful place to play and meet friends!  Really…..I walk in slowly and smell all kinds of dogs and people are there smiling and know my name-wow-and they walk me into another area and mom is blowing me kisses and smiling!

I look around and some other dogs come over and say ‘hi ‘and are happy and look like their having fun!  Before I know it, I am playing and running and catching toys!!!  Me and the gang are never alone! The sun is shining and so am I!

My new song-Happy days are here again!!!

On a serious note, the importance of dog day care cannot be praised enough for value to your pet and  for you.

Dogs have been traditionally bred to do a job-guard, hunt, protect and more. Today’s dog is an unemployed dog and more of a couch potato!  This new ‘career’ leads to boredom and to negatively placed energy=naughtiness at times.

The values of doggie day care are numerous: relief from boredom, relief  from loneliness and anxiety, socialization with other humans, learning to play with others and learning to take gentle discipline from other humans for the best experience they can have.

Pets using  their energy in a positive way and  relieving guilt that owners  can have when they leave their best friend for 8-10 hours….it’s a win-win situation:.. play, snacks, water and rest time!

I f your pet is a good candidate for doggie day care-medically and socially, then give one of the best dog spas a call for an interview and tour!

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