Grooming Double Coated Dogs

Grooming Double Coated Dogs

Mom and I are sitting on the sofa relaxing and she says to me, ‘Fluffy, Summer is right around the corner and it’s almost time for my summer–do! ‘ Short hair, easy and breezy care for the hot weather here. What about you Fluff…how ‘bout a stylish shave and style????   Get that double coat off and let your skin breathe!

Hot Paws, a positive and experienced pet salon, says—NO!

If you are the proud owner and loved by a double coat dog, you may be thinking and are bewildered by the ‘NO’ and asking-why not!

Dogs with a double coat really have two coats- a top and tougher coat-the guard coat- and then a soft and downy undercoat. This undercoat acts as an insulation for your dog and toughens up in the winter and sheds in the summer. The guard hairs act as a shield from the sun and other environmental elements and typically do not shed. They do, however, release under the coat around the summer and the dog will ‘blow’ their coats and this can become a hairy mess. Good brushing and brushing against the grain can help with these breeds until you can get them to “Hot Paws” for a major and skilled grooming session! If anyone in your house suffers from allergies-the time brushing and cleaning the hair balls will be an advantage to both the pet and the allergic family member!

Dogs do not have the extensive sweat gland system that humans possess , they do have glands in their paws, but, it is panting that dissipates the body temp. If the dog spends time outside, be aware that without their coats, they are open to sunburn, insect bites and abrasions…and most importantly…temperature elevation and the possibility of heat stroke.

The dog’s coats act as an insulator from the cold and from the heat. Keeping the coats well-brushed and professionally groomed at ‘Hot Paws’ will keep our pets free from mats , this allows for good air circulation and can have cooling effects for our loved ones. They cannot turn up the a/c, get a glass of a cool beverage or open the outside umbrella to sit under. We have to anticipate their needs and act in a positive way for our pets. ‘Hot Paws’ is there for the both of you to help keep Fluffy comfy and physically safe! You can now book on-line for grooming needs and guidance for these double-coated breeds…Siberian Huskies, ChowChows, Sheepdogs, German Shepherds and the beloved Lab- just to name a few!

Remain calm, consistent and cool—all with the help of “Hot Paws’!

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