Importance of Grooming Your Dog

Importance of Grooming Your Dog

The Importance of Grooming Your Dog

I can’t do a thing with my hair—playing outside, being in the house, I’m itchy and it’s hot and ocean was fun-but… I need to get to the salon and get there fast… Where is the number for Hot Paws… here it is 904-277-3075.

Regular grooming is so very important for your best buddy-be they a small and fluffy dog or a strong and large dog… all dogs need to be groomed and taken care of in this area of caring and loving.

Brushing promotes good hair condition and growth as well as getting the blood circulating. Indoor dog’s fur can become matted and form into wads of knotted hair which are annoying and can be itchy. Notice when your dog seems to be biting or scratching the same area over and over-could be a wad there. Spending some quality time brushing your dog allows you to do a quick assessment of skin and fur and don’t forget his/her paws-can become uncomfortable with built up dirt and grease. This can be an awkward task for you and your pet and this points you into the direction of a professional groomer.

There are many benefits to visiting a good groomer at Hot Paws. Experience, high level tools and equipment, the best dog shampoos and the eye to see something that mom or dad did not see or even realize this could be important. Going out to a professional groomer also provides an opportunity for socialization with other dogs and people. Grooming requires time, effort, knowledge and the best setting and supplies available. You can find all of this and more-love and affection-at Hot Paws!

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