No Chocolate For Dogs!

No Chocolate For Dogs!

Love is in the air and chocolate is everywhere!

It’s out there–from your local pharmacy to department stores, at the grocery store and at the convenience store and one package is dressed prettier than the next for this day of love-called Valentine’s Day. Sweets for my sweetheart from Victorian Days to the present. Sweets for myself and those I love!!! It’s almost a legal chocolate holiday.

However-for the one we may love the very most, the one with four legs and a tail that has been with us thru thick and thin…..Danger is dressed in pink and red and looking so yummy and calming and mouth-watering and isn’t it said that some chocolate is good for you????

NOT for your dog and remember that dogs have incredible sniffing skills to find the chocolate hiding spot!

Chocolate is derived from roasted seeds of-Theobroma Cacao which contains certain properties that can be toxic to animals. If ingested can lead to severe medical complications.

Symptoms range from vomiting, diarrhea, elevated temp., increased reflexes with muscle rigidity, rapid breathing with increased heart rate, low blood pressure, seizures and cardiac failure. This is a range of the symptoms from a one to a ten pending the size of the dog and the amount eaten. Milk chocolate-mild toxicity when 0.7 ounces per pound of body weight is ingested. Dark and Semi-sweet-mild signs of toxicity when 0.3 ounces per pound of body weight is eaten. Baking Chocolate-this type of chocolate has the highest concentration of being potentially toxic …..As little as two ounces of chocolate or 0.1 ounce per 20 lb dog. You may see animal treats out there made with carob-a chocolate like substance and edible for dogs.

So, fellow pet lovers, enjoy your chocolate during this chocolate season… but remember, NO CHOCOLATE FOR DOGS! Think milk bones and other safe dog treats for your ‘best’ furry friend and happily sing: I love you-you love me-we are a happy family, especially at Hot Paws Pet Resort!

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